KCal 1.5.80

Just how many calories are in that hamburger?


  • Large database of foods
  • Add new foods to the database
  • Displays lots of nutritional information


  • User interface is a bit drab
  • Very restricted demo version

Not bad
If you're on a calorie-counting diet and what to keep tabs on exactly what you're eating then KCal may be just the app for you.

KCal allows you to search databases of foodstuffs, organized into 'Hampers', and check exactly what a particular food contains. Besides showing you the number of calories, KCal also displays the amount of fat, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber for that particular product.

You can enter the amount of a particular food you've consumed then store the data and add it to the running total of food eaten in the 'Consumed' section of the program. This offers the perfect way to count the exact number of calories you've taken in so far. It's also possible to 'favorite' particular foods if it's something you eat regularly, to save you having to look it up every time.

The KCal food database does seem to be pretty comprehensive but if what you're looking for isn't there, it's possible to add your own nutritional information into the database.

On the downside, I felt the user interface in KCal could've been made a little more attractive. For instance, it would've been to have images of each food included to help in situations where you're not quite sure what the term in the database refers to. Be warned too that this demo version of KCal is particularly limited. There's only one Hamper included and the trial lasts for just three days.

KCal shapes up quite well in terms of the functionality it offers, it's just a shame it had a pretty face to go with it.

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KCal 1.5.80

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